Positive People Produce…And The Bottom Line Will Show It!

The basic premise of the entire program is that when people’s personal/social/romantic lives are in disarray, absent or less than satisfying it will manifest in one of three unhealthy ways:



1.  They will DIVE into work, use it as an escape and reward system, and may even become a workaholic

2.  Be will be distracted or preoccupied, affecting their productivity, attitude and demeanor

3.  They will become unavailable and absent as they attend meetings or sessions in an attempt to save or terminate their relationship.


All of these affect productivity, office dynamics, perceptions and self-esteem. Thus, the entire program is how to have stronger, healthier and more satisfying relationships (at and away from work!).


During the program I covered:


• The 5 Most Common Ways Happier Relationships Will Manifest Themselves in Your Life.

• The 4 Basic Premises That Will Guide my words, actions and advice today (They loved these).

• That Happy People GO APE (which stands for Attitude, Preparation and Effort)

• What it means to live a remarkable life and have remarkable relationships

• How to foster outstanding relationships at work that are appropriate, challenging and supportive

• The difference between character and reputation and how the way you live your life and the choices you make key the direction your life and relationships will follow

• How to be the strongest link at home, at work, and in every single relationship you have

• How to become a true friend to others and know if someone is one in return

• How to identify the 4 biggest predictors of potential problems in a relationship and

• The Four Roads to Recovery if they are present

• Who controls a relationship?  Why? And how to be involved in a more level playing field.

• How to survive a horrible break up or separation and turn it into an opportunity to jump start your future

• How to tell, within 5 minutes, if someone is worth your time, effort and attention

• Why drama queens exist, how to eliminate them from your life and help them recover from their “affliction” 🙂

• How to avoid Cotton Candy Conversations (that seem to have substance but have none) Interactive exercise they LOVED!

• The 3 Types of Love found in healthy, loving relationships

• The 5 characteristics found in all healthy relationships

• The 5 stages of married life

• The 5 stages of dating after divorce



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