Me with MarinesRelationship Consultant David Coleman has been honored 14 times as The Speaker of the Year and was recently honored as the 2011 Entertainer of the Year and 2011 Male Performer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine. He is the first speaker to ever win Entertainer of the Year.


David received a National Service Citation from President George H. W. Bush, and has served as a spokesperson for Microsoft, Abbott Labs, English Leather and Coca Cola. David was awarded the Patriotic Citizenship Medal from the United States Army and was one of 30 college administrators chosen from across the country to actively participate in two weeks of basic training at Ft. Knox, KY to get a better understanding of the work and sacrifice put in by our Service Members. David considers his involvement with our Service Members to be his most rewarding work and considers it a personal honor to give something back to those who sacrifice so much for our country every day.

Common Topics covered by David during his program



(Actual topics selected based upon target audience)



• How to successfully meet and engage others
• Pick up lines…What they mean, why they fail and why they are used
• The basic, essential Laws of Attraction
• Why Service Members have a major advantage over civilians in the dating game
• How to get your relationship in order prior to deployment
• Handling relationships downrange both in the combat arena and back home
• Assimilating into your relationships upon reintegration
• How to tell when someone is interested in you
• The ABC’s of Initial Interest (The 5 Minute Find!)
• How to tell if you are “Just friends”
• How to escape the “Friend Zone”
• The definition of being a “True Friend”
• When does flirting become cheating?
• How long to wait before dating someone who recently became available
• The Arousal Factor and how men and women differ
• The Sexual Prime difference between men and women and how it affects our actions
• The difference in how men and women measure their self worth
• Why Long Distance Relationships are so difficult to maintain in the Military
• Interpersonal disagreements (fighting) and what it really means to take “a break”
• The definition of romance and how to be more romantic given Military obstacles
• Internet Dating: Is it the way to go? Is it safe? How to do it right
• Why nice guys and good gals don’t often fare so well in love relationships
• The 5 Stages of a Relationship
• The 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
• The 3 Types of Love found in healthy relationships
• Wounded warrior relationship struggles and positive futures
• Plus a constant exchange of info back and forth with the audience…


For married couples or divorced individuals the following topics may be incorporated:


• The 5 Stages of Married Life
• The 5 Stages of Dating After Divorce
• How to salvage a marriage that is fading away or in chaos
• The 3 things every married individual needs
• Maintaining balance between home, work and children
• Ways to keep the passion alive or revive it when it is waning
• When to call it quits and how to do it with integrity and mutual respect
• The basics for preparing for deployment or reintegrating following a deployment
All of David’s programs include attractive handouts and an interactive Power Point program (1.5 hours in length would be ideal for these programs)

Ft. Riley Audience ARMY

Military Program List


Wounded…But Pride Still Alive!


There is no question that wounded warriors have been through an ordeal. Each has their own unique story to tell and challenges to overcome. Some were in serious social relationships (even marriages) before being wounded, while others see that in their future. David Coleman, “The Dating Doctor, will help these courageous young men and women form, mend, or sustain the primary relationships in their life – be it romantic, family, social, or professional. There will be no pity expressed during this session, only a solid plan of action to help every wounded warrior move forward at a pace that is for them. No fluff … no rhetoric … just results. Topics covered include: How to meet someone, the 5 Stages of a Relationship, the 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship, the 3 Types of Love found in healthy relationships, and more.


Making Relationships


MatterAfter the text messages, IM’s, email, pokes, winks, SKYPE, i-chats and videos have ended…a couple will ultimately have to meet face-to-face if they want things to progress further. Then, they must rely upon the interpersonal skills they have (or have not) developed and rely on the experience (or lack thereof) they have from previous relationships. Reporting “on-line” to be “in a relationship” is a far cry from actually being involved in one. Interacting in person with a potential love interest is becoming increasingly harder for people as much of their initial contact is electronic-based and buffered. David Coleman will cover: Why Service Members have a major advantage over civilians in the dating game, how to get your relationship in order prior to deployment, handling relationships downrange both in the combat arena and back home, assimilating into your relationships upon reintegration, and more. Military relationships have a high rate of infidelity, divorce and abuse. David Coleman’s primary mission is to turn those statistics around for all involved.


Making Marriage Matter


Ever wonder why one couple seems to be so happily married while another, in a seemingly similar situation, appears to struggle? Perhaps the first couple is “posing” to portray something they are not, or they may have learned to make their marriage matter. Any married couple understands that a quality marriage takes two individuals committed to making it work. They realize that life is about ups and downs, but that the highs are never as monumental as they seem and the lows are never as dreadful as they appear. This program will cover: The 5 Stage of Married Life, handing conflict with class and character, the 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage, the 3 types of love found in successful marriages, keeping love and passion alive as children grow and jobs become more demanding, the role spirituality plays in a marriage that stands the test of time and the basics for preparing for deployment or reintegrating following a deployment. For those who may be divorced, we will also cover the 5 Stages of dating after divorce, how to trust again and teaching your children about healthy relationships.


Social Reintegration


When service members return home from deployment they are often physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually drained. They may not have the energy, strength, or interest in retelling their stories and answering questions. Majority of these men and women return home feeling as if they are not the same person as the one who left. They may find it hard to fit back into their lives or the lives of others, and might not have the energy or the desire to engage in a new relationship or assimilate into an existing one. They fear not being able to meet the minimum standards you expect from a partner nor you living up to theirs. This session will reinvigorate your soul and provide a concrete plan of action to acclimate service members back into this country, to living as a civilian, and to involving themselves as an equal partner in loving relationships.


Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be Remarkable


Quite often, the primary difference between someone or something being “remarkable,” instead of “ordinary,” is performing a common task, uncommonly well! It may be as simple as being a bit braver for five minutes longer, or committing to a life whereby you never assume that what is present in your life is a right or a privilege, but an honor. This highly inspirational program will chronicle the accomplishments of common people who have overcome tremendous obstacles to accomplish extraordinary things and will teach each of us to embody these same traits and use them to make a profound and meaningful impact on the world and people around us. Many of us live within the confines of a self-fulfilling prophecy, whereby we serve as our own worst critic and allow negative thoughts to permeate or lives and limit our potential. Together, we will overcome these barriers and leave them behind because a life lived in fear, is a life half-lived! This program is an ideal kickoff to a meeting or conference and involves in the audience in humorous yet eye-opening ways.


From Battlemind To Campus Grind! (For Schools)


Our Service Members are coming home. Is your campus ready? They have traveled the world, undergone intense training, matured, reached PEAK physical and mental condition, have experienced indescribable atrocities and have come to know Battlemind as a daily way of life. Battlemind is a constant state of heightened awareness whereby a Service Member is alert and ready to carry out their duties to the best of their ability at any given moment in time including the use of fatal force if necessary. How will this translate to our warriors being back on your campus? How will you involve them? Program for them? Lead people who could probably just as easily lead you? David Coleman has traveled the world talking to our Service Members. He was a Student Activities Director for 13 years. He will use this unique expertise to give you the best advice he can on how to form a partnership that will make your campus better and improve the lives of all involved.


From Battlemind To Campus Grind! (For Service Members)


You have humbly and diligently served our county in countless ways. Now, it is time for you to focus on your studies and attend a wonderful college or university in the United States. What can you expect when you return home and attend classes? What opportunities will be available to you? What obstacles will you face? How will you transfer all the training you have received to a campus environment and keep yourself sharp, your skills honed and positively contribute to the overall campus environment and experience? How will you transition from Battlemind to Campus Grind? David Coleman has traveled the world speaking to our Service Members and has also spoken on 2,500 campuses nationwide to over two million people. He was a Student Activities Director for 13 years as well. He will use this unique expertise and skill set on both sides of the equation to give you the best advice he can on how to form a partnership that will make your campus better and improve the lives of all involved, most importantly, yours as a flourishing new student.


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