David’s Speaker Coaching Academy





COST: $400 PER MONTH (Payable via PayPal) for a minimum of four months

Then, ongoing training is highly suggested and available at a reduced rate of $300/month



•  A minimum of one SKYPE call (one hour in length) or two 30 minute SKYPE calls per month.  Depending on the urgency of your training and schedule, more can be scheduled.


•  Unlimited (within common reason) email, texting, and phone consultations as we develop and formulate your topics, materials, descriptions, videos, learning outcomes, etc.


•  A professional critique and review of ALL of the materials you have created to date including any and all video or audio tapes available of your speaking.


•  Helping you develop and hone your topics, titles, descriptions, learning outcomes, outlines, stage show, stage presence, etc.


•  A direct referral connection to the incredible array of professional contacts David has developed over the course of his career, including:

Some of the top speakers and agencies in America, web designers, graphic artists, TV and Radio Contacts, Video and Audio Editors, Social Media professionals, etc.

•  Depending on my travel schedule and/or your willingness to travel, face-to-face coaching sessions are available.


•  Consultation and guidance for the genres you desire to speak within, including :  High School/Middle School, College Market, Corporate Market, TED, Military, Civic, etc.


•  Consultation to get you involved in the professional associations and companies you may need to advance your career including:  NACA, APCA, NODA, ACUI, ALFV, APCA, NASPA


•  Additional consultants for your promotional materials, website and Social Media are available through MayQuist Consulting (A close working partner of Coleman Speaks)


•  Helping you prepare Showcase Submission Tapes and Promotional Tapes (with two National Entertainers of the Year at your disposal)


•  A 20% discount to attend one of David Coleman’s Total Immersion Weekend Training Events.


• If you are deemed to have a product, style and delivery that is highly marketable and bookable, you may be offered a spot on the Coleman Speaks roster of talented speakers.


If you wish to talk with someone, openly and candidly ,who is currently under a coaching contract with me, please contact:


Kelsey Tainsh




Please let me know if you are interested ASAP as I am nearing a point where I will be cutting off adding new clients until someone drops off my current coaching roster.  May is a GREAT time to begin as many submissions for many professional associations are completed over the summer.


Thank you again for your interest.  Here is a copy of my bio.  I thought you might find it helpful as you make your decision.


To Your Speaking Success,